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Our company started its activities in 1992 in Çorum to produce flour and semolina. Our company, established as a family company, has grown by renewing itself day by day. This growth has contributed greatly to our efforts in the wheat purchase and sale business in the previous years. Due to the developing technology and conditions, the machines and tools used in our factory have been renewed and adapted to today's conditions and production capacity. Thanks to our modern laboratory established within our company, high protein and energy wheats are detected and taken to offer the best to the customer.

Our company has always kept customer satisfaction in the forefront, economic, healthy and quality products to offer to our people as a principle.

Maximum attention is paid to quality, environment, hygiene and health conditions in all stages from wheat selection to processing and packaging. Since our establishment, we have always aimed to produce quality, economy and healthy products. Our activities are focused on adapting to developing and modernizing world conditions, following technology closely, and making healthy production without harming the environment and nature.

Our Mission

To serve our customers with a reliable brand as a leader and pioneer in the sector without compromising product quality.

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Our Vision

215/5000 Our company always aims to be a researcher and dynamic institution that adopts the principle of not only the most known but always admired, constantly renews and develops itself, keeping in mind customer satisfaction.


Our Certificates

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