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Image by Nathan Dumlao

SINCE 1992      

Hasat Çalışması

From the harvest

We attach importance to all the important considerations necessary for harvesting.

We obtain products that comply with market demands by maintaining quality characteristics.

Thus,we obtain the wheat in full compliance with the harvest criteria in order to make the end user happy ın every sense.

To The Kitchens!

The quality of the flour is checked and the results are recarded and filed.

Since the Date and Party Numbers of flours are specific,they can be checked if requested by customers.

All of our products have certificates as a result of the inspections of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, including physical, chemical and micro-biological controls on manufacturing.

Quality controls continve at every stage of production even after the wheat is purchased.

fırında pişirme


Here are some images of our production facility, where we always work for the better while producing.

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