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Production Stages

Necessary permits have been obtained in our factory depending on general quality principles and appropriate conditions have been provided. Production stage quality application is applied continuously. The samples are analyzed in the laboratory before the products are taken from the manufacturer.

In the laboratory;




 - Delayed sedimentation



 -Falling Number

 -Consistograph Alveograph

values ​​are measured. Products that will not give quality results are never taken. The analysis makes it possible to preserve the quality of the product from the beginning.

Erkek bilim adamı
Buğday Field üzerinde Sunrise

Production Stages;

-Purchase from the manufacturer

 -Product classification is done

 - Peeled wheat shells

 -Washing is done

 -Getting is done

 - Age peels shells

 - Metal parts are separated by magnet

 -First crushing is done


After the production, the samples taken from the produced flour, the above-mentioned analysis, the quality of the flour is checked and the results are recorded and filed. Since the date and batch numbers of the flours are specific, they can be checked by the customers upon request.


All of our products are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, including physical, chemical and micro-biological controls. After the product has been taken, quality controls continue at every stage of production.

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